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Systems Evaluation

Your system identification and evaluation are critical. These things are very simple to see but hard to do and manage. Here is the rundown on why you need system identification and evaluation:



1.    Systems tend to be quite complex, specially the older, proprietary ones. If you could identify your system you would  know  exactly what it can and cannot do. This would help you plan your control of your system since you would know what its requirements are.

2.        Identification of your system will also help you think about upgrading/migration of your system. Knowing your system will  help you understand your options. Remember older systems are going to be harder to maintain as time goes on.



After the system has been identified and its capabilities and limitations are understood you would need to evaluate its current  level of operation. This will determine the adequacy of your system in the current situations. Benefits of evaluation:

1.        You will know how well the system is setup or was set up in the first place.

2.        You will know if it is adequate to meet your current requirements.

3.        If it is failing (2) you will know you need to do something before your system interferes with your main business.

4.        Evaluation will also give you your options to adequately deal with your situation.

This is when CITS Corporation comes in. We will identify and evaluate your system in one or two days (depending on system size)   and give you a complete report on what your best options are. Instead of selling you a new system we will show you how you can continue to use your existing system to your advantage*. This evaluation is only $1090.00. Please call CITS Corporation at (651) 442-9044 to schedule an identification/evaluation of your system.

   We will then show you how you can manage your system with a flex service contract from CITS that will save you thousands of dollars.