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An older system may need to be modified  or expanded.

It may not be cost effective to replace or upgrade just yet.

There are very few people left that can engineer/re-engineer an older (legacy system).

 I can help with all older (or newer) systems.

Please call me and I can explain your situation to you and show you all your options the same day.

I can come to your site for ONE DAY and examine your system in one fell swoop and give a complete report in 24 hours giving you a complete status of your system and your options and my recommendations, all for one price of $1090.00 which includes all expenses!

Call me, Riaz Hussain, today and get the peace of mind you are looking for!

Numbers to call:

(651) 646-2476 or (651)442-9044

Partial List of Systems I can modiy/upgrade