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It is possible that your existing system is working fine but there are some special circumstances when a problem occurs or there is a special requirement that it should follow and it does not. CITS can examine such problems and install a solution for you. Here are some of the problems we have found and cured many of them.

1.    One common problem is that critical data elements are programmed or cannot be programmed into permanent memory. This leaves the system exposed to power surges and power failures . When power returns, systems return to their initial programmed state (typically done by the installers/contractors). Years after installation no one is capable of addressing the situation or the software support for the particular system is nonexistent. This is precisely the kind of situation CITS likes to deal with. Remember we are looking for challenges. We do not specialize in routine systems installation (that can be done that in this day and age ina pretty straight forward fashion) although we can do that too. But we like problems, because each one will then become a feather in our cap.

2.    Another common problem is start/stop schedules. There does not seem to be a simple way to control a complex scheduling situation. What can we do?

3.    And what about the sequencing problems? We have all heard about lead-log problems. Looks like there is always room for improvement.  Correct sequencing can save you significant amounts of money.

4.    How about special reports? At any given point in time do you know if any of your occupied spaces are in or out of comfort?  Special reports.

5.    Is the system easy to operate? When a fan goes down on high static, do you know what needs to be done to start it back up? Is this on/off control or is there a VFD. Do you know how to work with VFD's?

6.    When your controllers go down for one reason or another can you restart them? Do they require a download? Do you know how to do that? Did the vendor give you your  documentation and your databases? We have extensive training solutions for you.

There can be many other problems besides these but let me give you one more major problem.

7.    Is it like pulling teeth to get your contractor to come out to your site? Is it a major planning issue for them to come out and even listen to your problem? Is the lead time impossible? Do they even have trained people left to support your systems anymore?


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