Corporate Information Technology Services Training for all Honeywell Systems

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Private and Confidential CITS Proprietary

Official CITS Exclusive Elevated Service contract:



1. The service shall continue for one year from the date of inauguration.

2. CITS shall provide technical assistance to specified Your Company personnel. Service cannot be provided to non- Your Company personnel. The      

                recipients shall be specified in an official list of service personnel by YOUR COMPANY and shall consist of persons on YOUR COMPANY Payroll.

3. Service in (2) shall be limited to the Honeywell system only and shall not include the remote devices connected to the Honeywell automation system.

                Remote devices include but not limited to sensors, dampers and mechanical/electrical devices controlled by the said automation system.

4. The service in (2) shall be of 4-hour duration per month (not enforced strictly) or 8 incidents per month (not enforced strictly). Additional small charges may

                occur and YOUR COMPANY may be requested to honor them.

5. YOUR COMPANY will be visited once a quarter by a qualified engineer for one week. Issues/problems may then be addressed and resolved. These

                issues shall be limited to online database changes/modifications. Offline permanent changes may require additional billing if and when necessary.

6. The 5-day period in (5) above may also be used for refresher/additional training/engineering/modifications for YOUR COMPANY System/Personnel. This

                excludes any YOUR COMPANY contractors or third party personnel.

7. All programming/engineering changes will require additional billing if and when necessary.

8. All parts and materials required for (5) shall be additional billing if and when necessary.

9. The service contract is basically for actual services required and performed and hence shall be billed. It is not an insurance against any eventuality.





1. The service contract is for service on the Honeywell automation System only and does not cover attached mechanical/electrical equipment. CITS shall,

                however, advise when the latter needs replacement/repair as called out in a diagnostic process conducted by CITS.

2. CITS may at its own initiation recommend modifications/adds for the system for improving operational efficiency of the system. Such recommendations

                may lead to additional billing.

3. The equipment in (1) above specifically includes all central/front end equipment such as the PCs, gateways and down line panels such as the R7044

                controllers and Microcels.

4. Any required wiring/wiring changes, rerouting, converters and modems shall be installed by YOUR COMPANY personnel under CITS guidance and

                requirements and other city, state and national codes.

5. CITS shall respond to any and all emergencies. All such events will cause no extra billing except when a site visit is called out and performed by CITS or

                when additional time and parts/materials are required.




1. The contract price is not fixed. It shall depend on service usage.

1.1 There will be a fixed service charge of $1190.00 /month for coverage of the technical assistance service as specified in the service section.

1.2 The quarterly visit charge shall be $7727 for each week. However, YOUR COMPANY does not have to use this service each quarter. CITS

                however recommends it strongly for the smooth and trouble free operation of the system. During this visit the CITS engineer may be treated as on

                call by YOUR COMPANY during normal hours and may be assigned any system related task whatsoever.

2. Accidents and eventualities will lead to additional billing per service/material usage.






CITS shall be allowed to make a reasonable case if this Elevated Service Contract becomes burdensome for CITS and continue it as is. In such an event YOUR COMPANY shall be sympathetic to CITS requests for additional billing (such as costs of transportation, gas, hotels and airlines and other costs). In such an eventuality CITS may ask for a renegotiation of the contract.